Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia with Coconut Oil

The best garcinia cambogia supplement has enough of its active ingredient, HCA, to be considered effective, plus a dose of potassium to help with absorption. It’s also been tested by a third party for label accuracy and product purity. To find the best, we pored through research studies and consulted supplement experts to find the safest picks that could help you lose weight.

What is garcinia cambogia?

Is there such a thing as a weight loss miracle drug?

Today’s market is full of “miracle drugs” and supplements that claim to help you drop pounds fast. It’s no wonder they fly off the shelves and into medicine cabinets across the country. TV personality Dr. Oz and others like him have showered praise on one of these products in particular: the controversial garcinia cambogia fruit.

Garcinia cambogia is a citrus fruit that grows in Southeast Asia. An extract from the fruit’s rind, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), has historically been used for cooking, but it has also been used for weight loss. You can buy garcinia cambogia online or at most health and supplement stores. It comes in pill form or as a powder. Let’s look at what, if anything, garcinia cambogia can do for your weight.

The Best Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

Garcinia cambogia is one the most-hyped herbal supplements on the market, and that’s due in no small part to its appearance on the Dr. Oz show. The popular TV host touts its merits as a “revolutionary fat buster.” Is he right? Does garcinia cambogia actually provide an easy alternative to diet and exercise? Not so fast.

The doctors, dietitians, and scientific studies we consulted all agree: the benefits of garcinia cambogia are iffy at best. The single, most reliable way to lose weight, and skip any potentially off-putting side effects, is still old fashioned diet and exercise (you knew that was coming).

That doesn’t change the fact that losing weight is hard, and these supplements are popular — even though we couldn’t find an expert who would recommend them. So we wanted to find out more about how garcinia cambogia works, what makes for a potentially effective dose, and what to look out for in terms of safety for those who still want to give it a try.

Nutrigold Garcinia Cambogia Gold Our top pick supplies exactly what its label says: a daily dose of 2700 mg of HCA or hydroxycitric acid, the active ingredient in garcinia cambogia. It also delivers 6 percent of your daily potassium needs. The daily dose is significant for weight loss, you’ll need a total of nine pills per day — but the tradeoff is knowing exactly what’s in those capsules.

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Quality Encapsulations Garcinia Cambogia It claims to contain 1800 mg of HCA per day, though third party testers found that it delivers 19 percent less. While the label might be inaccurate, Labdoor didn’t flag it for any unsavory ingredients, and at 22 cents per dose, it’s easily our cheapest option. For weight loss, the label recommends 6 pills per day.

Genesis Today Vegetarian Garcinia Cambogia Looking to ease your way into garcinia cambogia? This pick recommends a lower dose of 1440 mg of HCA per day. While Genesis Today is our most expensive finalist, third party testers found that it lives up to its label claims, without any questionable additives — a rarity in this category. For weight loss, you’ll take six pills per day.

How does it Work?

There are 2 main ways that this extract works to help reduce weight.

The first thing that it does is to suppress appetite. For someone who is looking to lose weight, this is beneficial in 2 ways: they eat less, and because they are eating less but still have to continue to supply their bodies with energy, they are in fact aiding the body to break down fat cells.

The second way it works is by blocking an enzyme called citrate lyase which is the one responsible for converting carbohydrates into fats and sugars. This means that any fat that is consumed never really gets to make it to the cells but rather is excreted with the rest of the waste. It happens to be a highly effective method of losing weight – you can lose several pounds in a month.

The immediate question, of course, is whether there is any scientific backing to these claims. Indeed there is. Garcinia cambogia contains HCA which, in a lab setting, has proven to reduce appetite and stop the absorption of fat from food. If you are interested in reading some scientific details, click here.

Clinical and Scientific : Wow Garcinia Cambogia

A few studies in rats showed the viability of HCA and the extract of Garcinia cambogia: Creatures consume less and shed pounds. In one study, an organization of HCA has brought about abatement in craving that has proceeded for more than seven weeks. In an alternate study on rats, treated rats consumed 10% less nourishment than untreated rats. In people, there are a couple of studies. A controlled investigation of 1994 among 50 fat patients discovered two months after a weight reduction of 5 pounds generally in the gathering that got 500 mg of extract. The group taking a placebo had shed pounds just 2 pounds. All members took after a low-fat eating regimen. Interestingly, the same kind of study in 1999 neglected to show the viability of an extract of Garcinia cambogia in weight reduction in 66 stout individuals.

What are the Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia?

Fat terminator
Energy Booster
Appetite suppressant

The main advantage that you ought to see is that this serves to control your craving. You will need to take one container pretty nearly one hour prior you consume, alongside a full glass of water, and afterward, you ought to find that the dominant part of your craving scatters. This appetite concealment is essential to the achievement of your eating regimen.

The other Garcinia Cambogia profit is that the anti- oxidants in this item help to shrink the fat cells that you have put away all through your body. Whether you have an enormous paunch or a bit additional “garbage in the storage compartment”, this will help you to dispose of it decently fast. The assessed number of pounds that you can lose with this eating method extract is ten pounds every month and that too without changing your eating regimen whatsoever. The way that this helps you blaze fat as a vitality source additionally implies that you will have more vitality, as well.

Criticisms Of This Study

One of the main criticisms of this study comes from Harry Preuss, a researcher at Georgetown University who claims that the JAMA study “used whatever the dose was at the time, and they never mentioned the type of citrate they used.” In other words, they may have been using the wrong HCA.

Additionally, others have criticized this study for its heavy use of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is thought to interfere with HCA, which could have inhibited weight loss in the HCA group.

2003 Study Shows “No Effect On Body Weight”
In 2003, Japanese researchers published a study in Fitoterapia. This study examined the effects of Garcinia cambogia extract on mice over a period of 4 weeks.

The research concluded by stating that treatment “was found to have no effect on body weight, fat pad weight, or serum glucose level.”

However, Garcinia cambogia was shown to have other physiological effects. Treated mice displayed lower levels of serum insulin and leptin, for example, as well as a lower ratio of leptin/WAT.

This led researchers to conclude that “G. cambogia extract efficiently improved glucose metabolism and displayed leptin-like activity.”

2004 Study Shows HCA Led To 12 Pound Weight Loss Over 8 Weeks While Losing 6.3% BMI
Dr. Preuss, the guy we just motioned above, decided to lead his own study on HCA. Dr. Preuss’s study involved 30 “healthy but overweight people” between the ages of 21 and 50. The study took place over an 8 week period. 2

Dr. Preuss and his team found some surprising results. All of the subjects were told to consume a diet of 2,000 calories per day and walked for half an hour five days per week.

One group was given Super CitriMax, a patented form of HCA bound with calcium and potassium. The other group was given a placebo.

By the end of the 8 week period, the placebo group had lost an average of 3 pounds. However, the HCA group had lost an average of 12 pounds – a 400% difference.

Additionally, the HCA group saw their BMI fall by an average of 6.3% compared to the placebo group’s average of 1.7%.

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Another interesting effect of the study was that the HCA group saw their serotonin levels double compared to the placebo group. Additionally, the HCA group had a 16% reduction in the amount of food they ate per meal, compared to no change with the placebo group.

Participants In 2004 Study Lose 10.5 Pounds Over 8 Week Period
Like all good researchers, Dr. Preuss tried to replicate his results in a follow-up study. That follow-up study involved more subjects (60 people in total, double the original study) and came to similar conclusions.

In this study, the HCA group lost an average of 10.5 pounds compared to the placebo group, which lost an average of 3.5 pounds.

Once again, in this study, the placebo group had no change in appetite, but the HCA group reported a 16% reduction in the amount of food consumed per meal.

2005 Study Shows HCA Increases Serotonin, Reduces Appetite, And Lowers Body Weight
Dr. Preuss also has his name attached to a 2005 research report on Garcinia cambogia and hydroxycitric acid. This time, Dr. Preuss collaborated with five other doctors to discuss the powerful health benefits of HCA. 3

Specifically, researchers demonstrated that HCA was much more effective when bound to certain other compounds. Naturally, HCA is bound to calcium, which reduces its bioavailability. Calcium is found naturally in Garcinia cambogia. So if you were to just eat the rind of Garcinia cambogia fruit, you would be eating HCA bound to calcium.

But when HCA is bound to salt, it makes the compound water-soluble, increasing its bioavailability. This compound is called HCA-SX, also known by its trademarked name, Super CitriMax.

When taken in the form of HCA-SX, this compound was shown to “increase serotonin availability, reduce appetite, increase fat oxidation, improve blood lipid levels, reduce body weight, and modulate a number of obesity regulatory genes without affecting the mitochondrial and nuclear proteins required for normal biochemical and physiological functions.”

In other words, this report demonstrated HCA had all of the powerful weight loss benefits it was rumored to have – with no major side effects. You just had to bind the compound to salt.

What Can We Conclude from These Studies?

We can make a few broad conclusions about Garcinia cambogia from the studies listed above.

We can conclude that hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is the most active ingredient within Garcinia cambogia and the one most intimately connected with weight loss.

There are other ingredients in Garcinia cambogia, including calcium, phosphorus, iron, and thiamine, but none of these ingredients are available in high enough doses to compete with the benefits provided by HCA.

We can conclude that HCA is not very effective when taken on its own. HCA is naturally bound to the calcium within Garcinia cambogia. This reduces bioavailability by at least 50%. This is thought to be the reason why many early studies on HCA failed to produce significant weight loss results.

We can conclude that, based on at least three separate studies, HCA is most effective when bound with salt, creating HCA-SX. HCA-SX has been clinically shown to promote weight loss, better metabolism, and reduced appetite.

We can conclude that more research needs to be done on Garcinia cambogia before any of these benefits can be definitively proven true. The early evidence of favor of Garcinia cambogia is positive. In several studies, participants have lost a significant amount of weight while taking Garcinia cambogia extract while also experiencing powerful appetite suppression effects.

The good news is that the medical community is actively researching Garcinia cambogia. We should know more about this unique tropical plant in the near future.

Money Back Guarantee?

If a company believes in their product they will have an iron clad money back guarantee. Not only is this the right thing to do but it will set you the customer at ease knowing that if the product doesn’t work for you, you can always get your money back.

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Garcinia Cambogia has shown the ability to affect weight loss in several clinical trials. There is much debate about the effectiveness of it’s primary active ingredient hydroxycitric acid. HCA has been linked to appetite suppressing hormone activity, and overall body fat composition. Specialized formulations of Garcinia Cambogia, such as the SuperCitrimax which is sold by doctor-recommended supplement brands, offer a more powerful version of this natural compound. While you should always discuss new supplements with your doctor, Garcinia Cambogia is generally regarded as safe and there have been little to no side effects reported. This natural compound offers several notable health benefits, though overzealous marketing of Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss has tarnished its perception in the minds of many.

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