How Long Does Raspberry Ketone Take To Lose Weight

Hi, and welcome to my no-holds-barred review of Raspberry Ketones. Since their ‘discovery’ on prime time show Dr Oz, we’ve been racing to the stores to try a new way to lose weight; with minimal exercise and diet changes, and a big intake of red berry antioxidants.

But the diet industry and some of the players in it are notoriously unscrupulous, and some people have tried Raspberry Ketones and experienced very little impact on their weight. Does this mean that it’s a scam, or is there a trick to buying and supplementing with Raspberry Ketones that these people are missing?

In my extended review I’ll look at the research for, and against, to help you make an informed decision as to whether to integrate Raspberry Ketones into your diet for weight loss and all-round health. Thanks for reading my Raspberry Ketone review, I hope you find it helpful!

Raspberry Ketones Review

Raspberry ketones is one of compounds responsible for aroma and fragrance of raspberries and similar fruits.

It occurs in a variety of fruits including raspberries, cranberries, blackberries, etc. Amount of pure raspberry ketones is rather low in fruits, and ranges around 1–4 mg per kg of raspberries. So, single pill containing 100mg of pure raspberry ketones requires at least 25kg of raspberries, right? Wrong!!!

Pure raspberry ketone is used in perfumery, in cosmetics and in food industry. It would be one of the most expensive natural flavor components used in the food industry since pure, natural raspberry ketones can cost as much as $20,000 per kg. Fortunately, artificial raspberry ketone is much cheaper, starting from a couple of dollars per kg of product (yes, that is correct, few dollars/euros per kilogram of product!).

It has been shown that raspberry ketones in tests on animals and on fat cells in test tubes accelerate metabolism of fats and that it might also affect a hormone in the body called adiponectin (taking part in fat metabolism). One of the problems is that there is no reliable, double blind, scientific study showing that pure raspberry ketone improves weight loss when taken by people.

Keep in mind that average daily intake of raspberry ketone through normal nutrition is around 0.25 to 1mg per kg of adult. Studies on animals (mice, in this case) used raspberry ketone doses around 100mg per kg of the mice and those studies that showed weight prevention used up to 20g/kg of raspberry ketone. Recalculated to human body weight, that would mean that a 100kg (220 pounds) guy should consume 2kg (4.4 pounds) of pure raspberry ketone to achieve the same effect.

Needless to say anything more? Raspberry ketone comes in doses around 100mg per diet pill and they cost a lot – for no reason, except it sounds great – raspberries are healthy, ketone ‘sounds’ like keto diet, but has nothing to do with it.

What are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry Ketones have been around for almost a hundred years; they were first used as a flavour enhancer back in 1918. It wasn’t until the 21st century that Raspberry Ketones gained traction as a food supplement.

It may not be much of a surprise that Raspberry Ketones are indeed found in Raspberries. However, they are also present in rhubarb roots, cranberries and pine needles.

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How Does Raspberry Ketones Work?

Raspberry ketone is an extracted compound found in red raspberries. This compound alters the formation of fat in the liver and in abdominal areas.

It helps eliminate fats fast due to its ability to break down fats into smaller globules making it easier to burn or excrete. While many believe that exercise help lose weight, extreme exercise may trigger the body’s natural defense to store fats even more.

This is commonly known as the rebound effect causing you to gain more weight rather than lose them. But with Raspberry ketones fat burner pills worrying about the rebound effects of exercise, it should not be a problem. For it helps regulate the body’s metabolism.

In one of Raspberry Ketone reviews it states that in Japan, a laboratory experiment was conducted to determine the effectiveness of raspberry ketones and was performed on mice as a test subject.

It showed that the mice that were fed with high-fat diets and are given raspberry ketones alongside their meals did not show any weight gain, proving the raspberry ketones ability to help regulate the metabolism in the body.

Side Effects of Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketone might cause feelings of jitteriness, increase blood pressure, or rapid heartbeat because it is chemically related to a stimulant called synephrine.

The FDA recognizes Raspberry Ketones Extract as generally safe for consumption. People who have used the supplement have not reported any adverse side effects (s).

However, raspberry ketone might lower blood sugar levels. If you suffer from chronic illness like diabetes, it is important to consult your doctor before taking the supplement.

Also make sure that you are taking the right dosage. Every Raspberry Ketone brand has a different profile. Look for dosage instructions and do not exceed the limit assigned. Maximum dosage should not exceed 2-3 pills a day.

Raspberry Ketones And Acai Berry Extract

Very few scientific studies have been undertaken on the effectiveness of Acai berry as a weight loss agent. A literature review reveals only one published study on Acai berry, and although it is performed on human subjects, only 10 volunteers were used – this is a very small subject quantity for a clinical trial, and thus any results should be taken with a pinch of salt. It also did not contain a control group. Control groups are very important elements of clinical studies to verify the results. The pilot study was published in the Nutrition Journal, and can be found here. The experiment was designed to test the benefits of Acai berry on the risk factors for metabolic disorders in overweight individuals. The results seemed to suggest the substance might cause a decrease in cholesterol, fasting glucose and insulin levels. No results were given directly relating to the burning of fat.

Websites suggest that Acai berry may help to burn fat, boost metabolism, and reduce appetite. Overall, the single study that has been performed on the ingredient is not very reliable, and the results not overly significant. More studies certainly need to be undertaken on Acai berry, and at present, raspberry ketones seem to be better studied.

Raspberry Ketone Studies

The claims about raspberry ketones seem to arise from two small-scale rodent studies. In the first study, researchers demonstrated the substance’s effectiveness in suppressing fat accumulation in male mice. In a second, which was conducted on a small sampling of mice, raspberry ketone appeared to prevent fat accumulation in mice fed a high fat diet. Thus far, no human studies exist showing the effectiveness of raspberry ketones for fat loss in humans, although anecdotal evidence seems to suggest it may be helpful in some cases.

According to Johns Hopkins Medical, mouse and human genomes are about 85 percent the same, which is why mice are so often used as an initial base for studying human biology, genetics, and disease. This means that some findings in rodents will be consistent with findings in humans while others won’t. Ultimately, the best determination of how successful a supplement will be in humans can only come from carefully controlled, peer-reviewed, scientific human studies. Raspberry ketones have yet to meet this standard. The rodent studies are not backed up by solid human studies, nor has this unregulated substance been studied in humans to determine contraindications and potential side effects.

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Are Raspberry Ketones Legal?

Despite still being available to buy in some stores around the United Kingdom, in March 2014, the Food Safety Agency (FSA) confirmed that not all raspberry ketones should be sold as supplements in the United Kingdom because regulatory authorities have not approved them. The FSA refer to raspberry ketones as a ‘novel food’, and that products containing them should go through approval via the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP) in the UK. A ‘novel food’ is one that was not consumed to a significant degree before mid-May 1997. On the FSA website it is stated that certain raspberry ketone extracts are included as ‘novel’, and thus are unauthorised.

For this reason, it seems that raspberry ketone supplements alone, or the ingredient in other weight loss products, are not legally sold in the United Kingdom, or indeed in the whole of the European Union. It is possible that the product can still be found in stores such as Holland and Barrett because the regulations are not yet being fully enforced. The only legal form of raspberry ketones (excluding its use as a flavouring) is where the extracts were prepared using water or 20% ethanol. It is very difficult to find this information on product websites.

Online Reviews and Testimonials of Raspberry Ketone

If you search for reviews online you can see results are generally positive, with a few negative experiences sprinkled here and there. That is very common with any weight loss program as no two users’ situations are identical, therefore making results vary greatly.

Some users hail it as a wonderful diet aid which has helped them shed the pounds away, while others say it did absolutely nothing for them or that they even gained weight while taking the supplement. But there probably an underlying reason for the weight gain that some people experience.

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Many people spend all day lugging around extra weight that they just don’t need, especially around their midsection. This unwanted body fat just builds up, especially when you’re always on the go. Raspberry Ketone Force harnesses the power of red raspberry ketones to help your body burn off excess body fat. Raspberry ketones can increase the rate of lipolysis, your body’s process for breaking down fat into usable energy. In a laboratory test, fat cells injected with raspberry ketones broke down faster than the cells that had not received ketones. Another scientific study showed that raspberry ketones decreased the amount of fat present in the abdominal and liver tissues of mice. Raspberry ketones also play a role in regulating adiponectin levels, providing your metabolism with the boost it needs to burn through excess calories too.

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