How Many Raspberry Ketone Tablets Do You Take A Day

Raspberries, in addition to being a treat for many, are also among the more healthy fruits. They have a number of antioxidant properties and raspberry ketones have been revealed to help with weight loss. Puritan’s Pride, which manufacturers a broad range of health supplements, follows its standard procedure on its product website by saying very little about what makes its product special or even just expedient. What the company does say is that its Puritan’s Pride Raspberry Ketones (presumably like every other competitor’s product) has properties similar to capsaicin, the chemical that is found in chili peppers to make them hot. And why is that significant? That’s a good question, but Puritan’s Pride doesn’t seem to think so and simply leaves it unanswered. In one of its few claims, it does say that its product features rapid release capsules. Is this the Raspberry Ketones product for you? Read our review below.

What it is Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketone is the compound that gives red raspberries their delicious smell. Scientists are also able to produce the raspberry ketone compound in a laboratory. The amount of raspberry ketones in supplements is significantly higher than eating raspberries by themselves.

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Raspberry ketones are concentrated derivatives of the chemical that gives raspberries their distinctive aroma, and are commonly used as a food additive to enhance color, flavor, and scent. Despite the name, ketones are also found in blackberries and cranberries, but because of its relatively low concentrations in natural sources — with 90 pounds of raspberries needed for a single dose of ketones — most supplements are produced synthetically.

Raspberry ketone is similar in structure and function to other well known fat burner compounds, such as capsaicin and synephrine. Ketones experienced a surge of popularity after being touted as a “miracle fat burner in a bottle” by American TV personality Dr. Oz in 2012. Since then, they have been a popular ingredient in fat loss supplements. Despite this, there is little research on ketones’ weight loss benefits, and findings are restricted to animal and test tube studies.


  • African mango increases metabolic rate & energy level. It burns extra fats and suppresses appetite.
  • Resveratrol defends against damage due to free radicals. It reduces estrogen`s secretion as well.
  • Extract of acai berry that detoxifies the body
  • Kelp provides dietary fiber for supporting metabolism
  • Green tea lowers bad cholesterol and enhances energy.
  • Grape fruit helps consumer control appetite
  • Apple-cider vinegar regulates movement of bowel for fats removal.

How to Take

You will have to take 2 Raspberry Ketone Plus weight loss pills daily- one prior to breakfast & one prior to your lunch. However, make sure to take to a balanced diet plan and a steady work out routine along with for best results.

Finally, it’s to note here that Raspberry Ketone Plus is backed by a long list of satisfied users. Emily Derbyshire’s Guardian Editor is one of them who has lost a whopping 19 pounds in 10 weeks.

Do it Help You Lose Weight

With a growing number of people who are struggling to slim down, it is no wonder why there are many different weight loss alternatives introduced in the market left and right. And among these, are the supplements and pills that are said to help burn fats, increase metabolism, reduce appetite and control your cravings in order to lose pounds either quickly or gradually. The ketone supplement falls under this category.

While there have been studies conducted with rats and mice that show it can help against gaining weight and protects the fatty liver in large doses, there has been, however, no study directed to humans. Perhaps, the closest it came near to it is when it is used in combination with other substances such as caffeine, garlic, capsaicin, ginger, and synephrine in an 8-week study where participants lost a percentage of their fat mass. In this case, though, it cannot be pointed out exactly if results were due to the ketone, other substance or the combinations of it.

Its popularity, however, stems from its users who have tried and attested its effects upon few days or weeks of use. Accompanying it with healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise can help boost its effectiveness and provide better results. Though it is still a case of hit-and-miss and no direct evidence to date, it displays no unpleasant and bad side effects when consumed, as most are available with all natural source, and mixed with some stimulus.

4-Week Raspberry Ketone Diet Test

Week One Review

So apart from the initial ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude to wanting to eat healthily and treat the body as a temple (which wears off after the first day)… and even with not actually changing how I eat drastically (but simply keeping an eye on ingredients and portion size) I can definitely see a difference. Even on day one the signs were there, but now it is evident. One downside is the absolutely horrendous boils/spots and acne all round mouth and chin but even they are disappearing quickly as the healthy eating and detox is aiding fast recovery…

Week Two Review

I joined calorie count which is available at the app store just to track my progress and see what I am eating, so that I can maintain this routine post diet phase. The last week has been incredibly difficult, with the boils/spots and acne around the lower face increasing in activity and seemingly giving way to newer blemishes, which can be disheartening, my hair skin and nails do seem to be growing/replenishing at a faster rate, which must be a good thing. I have been feeling fat/bloated all week, with big swollen ankles at night, but I am definitely starting to look better. Hopefully this will herald a week of actually feeling ‘nice’ again…

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Week Three Review

Feeling almost virtuous now, with the banished processed foods, bad carbs and unnecessary ‘unhealthy’ and unnoticed drinks/treats that I was consuming before ‘tracking’ them…that is an eye opener in itself, but more importantly, the bloating and bad skin is actually subsiding, so feeling less like Shrek. The energy supplies feel abundant again and so far have been able to swerve all the usual sniffles and associated bacteria. Long may it continue! Not feeling slim yet, but definitely not feeling fat/bloated and unkempt.

Week Four Review

This has been onerous, remembering the tablets four times a day, the skin breakouts, the feeling fat/bloated etc. One good thing to come out of this is that it is finally over, and whilst food choices are definitely more sensible and healthy with smaller portions, the relief that this is finished is immense. Weight loss has most definitely occurred and looking good and feeling good is great. As they say “Nothing tastes as good as slim feels” but glad to have a rest and just eat healthily for a while.

Raspberry ketones Dosage

The Raspberry ketone supplement has no standard dosage for humans. It may depend on user’s age, health, and other conditions. You can take 100 mg at breakfast and increasing to up to 200 mg. The dosage may different basis on manufacturer. The range may be from 100 mg to 400 mg, 1 to 2 times per day with meals. So you should read the product level.

Raspberry Keytone Side Effects

Not included in the hype are the potential dangers of raspberry ketones. Because they regulate the body’s release of norepinephrine, it causes a spike in body temperature that may also lead to a temporary metabolic increase. Unfortunately, along with raising body temperature, norepinephrine can also raise blood pressure and heart rate. People with diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, COPD, and asthma should all avoid raspberry ketones, which may aggravate the above conditions.

Customer Reviews

Seems too good to be true? Well, I did mention that Raspberry Ketones have seen a huge rise in popularity, so let’s hear from some of the real people who have found success with raspberry ketones to tell us what they think of this supplement.

“One of the best weight loss supplements that I’ve ever taken. So perfect for helping me lose weight.” – Karrie

“I saw this product on television and decided to give it a try. I never realized that I could lose so much weight around my waist line.” – Joe

“I have been using this product for 3 months and now have lost 20 pounds and lost two jean sizes.” – Faira

“I normally have problems with diet pills, but this one really works for me. I did not even notice I was taking it.” – Michael D Roger

“It’s amazing ..I never lost any weight before despite using a bunch of diet pills, and trying to exercise from time to time. Raspberry Ketone is my hero!” – Jessica Iskandar

Where to Buy

The simplest way is to order it via official website. Cost of each bottle is only $31. By increasing the order of monthly supply, you get increasing number of discounts. If you buy 4 months supply, you can get one CLA bottle for free.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Pure raspberry ketone is all natural, clinically proven and is a great way to lose weight quickly and effectively. It would be hard to find a better solution on the market today, and with company’s 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee you’ll be able to try it without risk.

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Final Verdict

Raspberry Ketone Plus is made up of a formula that takes full advantage not only of raspberry ketone as the main ingredient, but an additional eight ingredients that each have a specific purpose. There are no filler ingredients used, only ingredients that can play a specific role in the weight loss process.

The very reasonable cost of Raspberry Ketone Plus makes it affordable for virtually everyone. The thousands of positive customer reviews only confirm that people are well and truly happy with the results that Raspberry Ketone Plus is able to achieve. We approve Raspberry Ketone Plus.

Elma Wulandari

Elma Wulandari

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