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Here we review Raspberry Ketone extract, a premium weight loss supplement by Research Verified. Raspberry ketones may aid in weight loss by increasing the body’s level of adiponectin, a hormone involved in the breaking down of fat for energy. There are many such supplements available to consumers. We have found Research Verified Raspberry Ketone extract to be one of the best on the market. Read on to find out why.

This particular weight loss supplement is created by the Los Angeles-based company Whole Body Research. Whole Body Raspberry Ketones is said to be helpful in losing weight by transforming fat cells into energy that can be utilized. This then results to shedding of pounds. This is further done by boosting the generation of the adiponectin hormone, an important factor in controlling your body’s metabolism.

Whole Body Raspberry Ketones’s manufacturer is a new company in the industry. Hence, there aren’t a lot of consumer feedbacks on the web. Raspberry ketones, in general, get criticisms from users and the most typical ones are inefficiency in making one lose weight

What is Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry ketone is a natural substance that gives red raspberries their powerful aroma. This substance is also found in small amounts in blackberries, cranberries and kiwis. It has a long history of use in cosmetics and has been added to soft drinks, ice cream and other processed foods as a flavorant.

What is it? This product is devised from the chemical found in red raspberries, and peaches, berries, grapes, kiwi, apples, as well as yew bark, pine trees, rhubarb, and maple. In simple terms, this chemical compound gives berries their signature scent. Until recently, raspberry ketones were used primarily by the perfume and manufactured food industries, but now the compound is being sold in supplement form.

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Raspberry ketones have been touted as the next weight-loss miracle drug, with manufacturers claiming that the ketones help your body break down fat more efficiently, helping you to lose more weight. Is it true? Before you run to the pharmacy to pick up a bottle, at least finish reading this blog. What I’m about to share with you might surprise (or downright shock) you!

Does Raspberry Ketone Work?

Raspberry Ketones Max is a formulation made of different ingredients that work together to achieve the same goal which is losing weight. The ketones inside the supplement are responsible for shrinking fat. At the same time the caffeine increases the body temperature to create an environment unfavorable to fat. Chromium is also making sure that the user does not eat more than what he really needs and green tea is maintaining an optimum metabolic rate.

The intended purpose of the product is to increase the rate of fat breakdown in the body. It enhances lipolysis which helps increase the effects of the fat loss hormone norepinephrine. It also helps boost metabolism and regulate blood sugar levels. This has been linked to ketones because of their similar structure such as that of capsaicin found in chili peppers, both of which increase metabolism. The belief behind it is that the basic metabolic rate would be increased through the day leading to a decline in absorbed calories. These lessened calories then hypothetically lead to less weight gain. Of course this wouldn’t be enough to satisfy customer knowledge of how this product may work. That’s why a study was conducted to test out whether or not this product would be deemed as functional.

There have been studies done on lab rats who were fed a high fat diet and given a huge dose of Raspberry Ketones. The rats who were given the ketones had a reduction of belly and liver fat storage than those who did not receive the dosage.. Though no human studies have been performed some companies offer customer testimonials to showcase effectiveness.

What is so Good About Raspberry Ketone +?

When looking for a suitable slimming pill for weight loss you need to ensure that the diet pill is a healthy, safe and natural supplement. The reason that raspberry ketone plus is a hot diet pill for 2015 is because it is a healthy, safe and a natural product to help you loose weight. The raspberry ketone plus product has been available on the health and fitness market for a number of years and available to buy in over 71 countries! It is only now that consumers are starting to hear and see all the benefits of the raspberry ketone plus slimming pill.

The 100mg of pure raspberry ketone plus contains a number of high profile fat burning ingredients; Acai berry, African Mango, Resveratrol and Kelp. These super fat burning ingredients in the slimming pill are stated to help regulate and improve the metabolism, so whilst you’re helping to burn the fat; your body’s metabolism can be improved to further increase the weight loss results.

Who Makes it?

Some manufacturers sell this product as a standalone, others include it into their weight loss formula blends. It’s important to watch out for the dosage strength as companies vary from high to significantly low milligrams of this extract. Also due to the nature of processing, one receives a synthetic version of Raspberry Ketones. Therefore one needs to do their own research to ensure one will receive a higher quality brand meant to fit in one’s dietary plan.

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Benefits of Using a Slimming Pill?

To increase the success of your weight loss results you need no more than 100-200mg of raspberry ketone plus a day! The daily slimming pill dose of raspberry ketone plus is 1 diet pill with your breakfast and another for lunch!

Raspberry Ketones Safe and could there be any Side Effects?

From what I’ve gathered in the information I could find on the subject, there doesn’t appear to be any safety concerns with supplementation. However, you’ll want to look at each product’s ingredient list carefully and discuss with your physician.

Many products containing Raspberry Ketones also have other herbal stimulants and caffeine which may pose a problem for some individuals.

Needless to say, ever since Dr. Oz gave a raving review of this compound, supplement sales have skyrocketed. Seeing how the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements on the front end, this opens the door for scores of manufacturers to get in the game. Some of the products will have high quality ingredients, others not so much.

You’ve really got to do your homework as it’s the “wild west” out there whenever some new product gets hot in the weight loss marketplace.

Raspberry Ketones Max Advantages

  • The supplement is made with natural ingredients
  • There are 3 premium bonuses included with the purchase of the supplement
  • It boosts metabolism and increases the body temperature
  • It gives the user control over his appetite

Raspberry Ketones Max Disadvantages

  • One bottle of Raspberry Ketone Max is relatively expensive
  • There is no conclusive evidence it really works
  • The supplement contains a considerable amount of caffeine, a stimulant known to cause side effects

Reviews of the Raspberry Ketone

There has been many great reviews and successful customer stories of using the raspberry ketone plus slimming pill. Many customers report that they have brought the raspberry ketone plus supplement online in bulk! One customer even states the results of using raspberry ketone plus by losing 4lbs in the first 4 days. All the customer results of using the raspberry ketone plus slimming pill will vary, though these great customer reviews gives you an idea of how the raspberry ketone plus slimming pill could work for you.

Where to Buy Raspberry Ketone Plus?

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The Final Verdict on Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones Max is one of the many weight loss supplements out there that can potentially help you lose weight. Keep in mind that it is for strong people who can withstand the jitteriness. If you are a sensitive person, you might have to look for something else.

To be completely blunt and honest, I simply don’t have enough credible information to confirm or deny the effectiveness of Raspberry Ketones for weight loss. The research, albeit on mice, does make it intriguing.

I believe it may be worth experimenting with if the product is high quality and doesn’t contain additional herbal compounds that could be potentially harmful for some individuals.

I have to say I did look at a few products sold on that had some positive reviews from consumers. However, on the same token even the products with numerous positive reviews had their fair share of reviews from other consumers who saw little to no benefits.

The key thing I’d be looking for if you’re considering taking raspberry ketones would be simple ingredient list, without other herbal compounds, and no “proprietary blends.” After all, you just want the real deal and not products with questionable ingredients.

Having said all that, I’d still suggest discussing this with your physician, especially if you’re on any medications, as there may be contraindications.

At the end of the day I’m pretty confident this won’t be weight loss “magic in a bottle” any more than the next hot supplement to come down the pike. The lure of quick-fixes never seems to lose its appeal and I get that.

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Elma Wulandari

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