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There’s been a lot of build up on the internet as well as the television about a flora root known as Forskolin. Television personalities such as Dr. Oz have recommended use of this substance, making declarations that it will assist people who are looking to rid themselves of excessive body mass. This has led to numerous products being produced with this ingredient, with sales reaching echelons that were until recently, not even thought of to be able to have been reached.

Despite this, growing up my parents told me not to believe everything I heard on the television. Now that I’m older I understand this to apply to other forms of media as well, so knowing all the hype surrounding this, I can’t help but be skeptical. Things that seem to be miracles often times fall short of being actually miraculous.

What is it?

That means it does all kinds of things in different parts of your body and on different levels, including the cellular level. Like a benevolent agent of good works, it has resounding effects on a wide range of problems. That range is far greater than even present-day scientists have discovered, so the future looks promising as far as discovering great things about the full impact of forskolin on various biological functions in the body.

In other words, this is a powerful plant, which scientists suspect as having a bearing on all sorts of ailments. These ailments range from heart problems to hearing loss to cancer. Currently, bodybuilding communities swear by forskolin for the cutting phase of their cycles…which simply means reducing body fat, which in this case is supposedly achieved by increasing free testosterone levels in the body.

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What’s the key to the seemingly magical powers of forskolin? Well much of the good that comes from this plant seems to be from the fact that it can raise cyclic AMP levels in the body. Before we get into the science of that, let’s establish what exactly we’re dealing with in forskoklin, first.

How it Work

So if you don’t have any health contraindications and you just want to lose a few extra stubborn pounds, will it work? The answer: maybe. It actually appears to work better for men than it does for women. One study found that men who took 250mg of 10% extract twice a day for 12 weeks had dramatic weight loss, increased bone mass, and improved testosterone levels. Who could ask for more?

However, a similar study with women didn’t have equally phenomenal results. The forskolin supplements didn’t help them lose weight, but it did help them to stay at their current weight. This is still exciting news because you always need an exit strategy for your supplements and diet plans- the lifestyle you’ll actually have once you’re done losing weight and just need to maintain.

Forskolin can be a great option for women to help them keep their gains. It’s not too demanding of your schedule and it can be relatively inexpensive, too!

So how does it work? Studies have shown a lot of complicated cellular science. The most important thing is that researchers found that forskolin actually helps to breakdown fat in fat cells. This process often occurs when you’re dieting and exercising. Your body needs to mobilize the energy it has stored in your fat cells. Essentially, forskolin can give your regimen an extra boost!

But how much should you take? Most studies conducted recommend 250mg per day. However, if your doctor is prescribing forskolin for purposes like blood pressure management you should expect a much lower dosage. For instance, most doctors recommend 50 mg of an 18% extract three times a day to manage blood pressure.

Now this doesn’t mean that if your doctor prescribes forskolin in a lower dosage that you won’t see results. However, it is important to stick with your doctor’s recommendations if you’re being prescribed it medicinally. Conversely, if you are someone who does not have contraindications and are not taking it as a prescription, 250mg should be fine to start. You may need to lower the dosage, though, if you begin to experience side effects such as headaches and upset stomach.


Most of the studies have been done in to the effects of the supplement. Along with its use in treating colon cancer, forskolin supplement has presented guarantee results in treating nerve damage, glaucoma, urinary infections and asthma. The plant from that forskolin is taken has been availed for many years and present medical science is studying to accept its amazing benefits on variety of several ailments like obesity. Studies on the forskolin effects on weight loss explained that the forskolin extract obtained huge success in the treatment of overweight and obese men and women. In one research, the fat women who consume forskolin lose above 8% body weight per individual. In a test of obese men; the speciality who consumes forskolin greatly reduced the body weight percentage, increase lean muscle mass and view a raise in testosterone levels.

Advantages of Pure Natural Forskolin Slim Extract

  • Used for thousands of years in Indian Ayurvedic medicine
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties
  • Completely natural
  • Helps break down stored fat in the body
  • Increase the amount of lean muscle mass that you have
  • Helps retain toned muscle
  • Assists with respiratory conditions such as asthma
  • Activates fat burning enzymes in the body (cAMP)
  • Breaks down stubborn fat tissue
  • Raises your basic metabolic rate
  • Prevents future fat formation
  • No unwanted side effects
  • Boosts energy
  • 100% premium forskolin root extract
  • Improves your metabolism
  • Manufactured in the USA

Disadvantages of Pure Forskolin Extract

  • Only a few scientific studies have been done on the effect it has on weight loss
  • Potentially unsafe for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • It is a natural blood thinner, so it can be dangerous for people who have surgeries
  • You have to be careful if taking blood pressure medications
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Doctor’s Recommendation

This supplement is a hundred percent safe for your health. This formula comes with all healthy and natural ingredients and it is formulated in GMP certified labs. So, this formula does not give any side effects on your body. We will still, suggest having advice from your doctor before starting any health product. For best result, always use as per dosage according to the prescribed dosage given by its manufacture.


  • This remarkable weight loss supplement is not for people under 18
  • This effective weight loss formula must be avoided by nursing mother
  • This weight losing formula is also not ideal for pregnant women
  • You should keep it far away from children
  • This wonderful formula is not established by FDA
  • You can purchase it only online because it is not accessible at markets

Side Effects:

If you’ve read forskolin reviews on other sites, you’ll know that Forskolin supplement may create some side effects like flushing, low blood pressure or an irregular heart rate, therefore if you are suffering from any heart condition or kidney problem, consult your doctor prior using the product. Kids and pregnant women must not avail this supplement because some studies and test have been done to make sure its safety and efficiency in the groups. If you already using any medicine for high blood pressure, anti coagulants, nitrates for blood flow, you can avoid taking forskolin, because it increases blood flow and blood pressure. The extract can contain greater interactions with the medicines. All medicines and supplements contain side effects, but forskolin supplement is safe to avail for lot of people. You must follow a healthy lifestyle when using any supplement to ensure that you receive the most of the supplement when decreasing the risk of side effects.

Is Forskolin Worth Buying?

Ultimately, it’s up to the consumer if they wish to try this supplement out for themselves. The research surrounding forskolin extract and weight loss are still in its early stages, so there aren’t too many studies done about it. However, the few studies done regarding forskolin extract as a weight loss supplement do show promising results. There are many benefits to taking forskolin extract, and there is evidence supporting the fact that it is beneficial for weight loss and weight control. Forskolin extract isn’t a miracle solution for weight loss, but it can be worth trying out to see if it works for you. There is no harm in giving it a shot and seeing how your body reacts to it.


guaranteeEvolution Slimming offers a 30-day money-back product guarantee for all their products. If you are not happy with it, return the unused portion and you can either get a product replacement or your money back.

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Where Can I Buy Forskolin?

Forskolin 125g BottleYou can by it here, but you are free to choose. So, does this product work? It is certainly growing in popularity. One can never take at face value marketing or advertising copy although they seem very open regarding some elements of their product, which was refreshing. A product’s efficacy must prove itself in the actual marketplace with customers. By that standard alone it does seem to work very well as there are 495 reviews as of this writing giving it a 4.5 out of 5.0 average.

Is it a good product? It appears to be. It is produced in a FDA- and GMP-registered facility, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and customers praise its fat-burning capabilities. Is it a miracle pill? Yes and no. No in that you can’t sit on the couch and eat key lime pie and drink Pepsi and expect to lose weight if you take this pill and only this pill. It will actually help, but when you combine exercise to its usage, the weight loss will be exponentially increased due to your metabolism working more efficiently. This product is certainly worthy of your consideration.

I hope this review of the Forskolin diet pill product has been useful to you.

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