What Should You Take With Raspberry Ketone To Lose Weight

What Are Raspberry Ketones?

Good question to start with. It’s basically the compound that gives raspberries their aroma and surprisingly isn’t a newly found product either. It’s been used as a flavor component and in perfumes for a long time. It’s only now after several scientific experiments, are we starting to realize its potential as a weight loss supplement.

Who Makes it?

Some manufacturers sell this product as a standalone, others include it into their weight loss formula blends. It’s important to watch out for the dosage strength as companies vary from high to significantly low milligrams of this extract. Also due to the nature of processing, one receives a synthetic version of Raspberry Ketones. Therefore one needs to do their own research to ensure one will receive a higher quality brand meant to fit in one’s dietary plan.

Key Raspberry Ketones Ingredients

The major and the only ingredient is Raspberry Ketones and that alone is sufficient for you to lose weight weight effectively. The capsule contains vegetarian ingredients and can be easily consumed by anyone. All ingredients are 100% natural and have minimum or no side effects.

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Does Raspberry Ketone Really Work?

For the purposes of this article, we chose to examine one of the leading brands of raspberry ketone supplement, Wild Raspberry Ketone. Manufactured in the U.K., it has one of the purest formulas on the market, which is why we chose it to study more closely. The raspberry ketone in its formula is combined with several other potent fat-burning ingredients, which support weight loss in several ways. In addition to high potency, pure raspberry ketone, Wild Raspberry Ketone also contains Kelp extract, Green Tea Polyphenol, and Apple Cider Vinegar. This proprietary formula may be the secret to Wild Raspberry Ketone’s effectiveness. We’ll examine the ingredients in more detail later in the article.

While these numbers may sound shocking, it is actually not surprising that modern people struggle with their weight. Compared to a hundred years ago, the average person is exposed to many toxins and processed foods, which have an unfortunate side effect: they may actually trigger the body to store fat. We ingest hundreds of chemicals a day, and these undoubtedly have effects on our hormones, as various studies have demonstrated. It is nearly impossible to avoid processed foods altogether, or to completely protect yourself from all of the manmade chemicals in the environment. So what can we do to return the body to a healthful state and weight?

The efforts of traditional dieting may only exacerbate the problem. Despite all your best intentions of reducing fat intake and hitting the gym more frequently, you may still not be seeing the results you want. When you deprive your system of calories, the body’s natural reaction is to go into survival mode, hanging onto every precious calorie and storing it as fat. When you diet the traditional way, your body naturally assumes you’re starving — and tries to help you by storing energy as fat, for a rainy day! The key to finding a weight loss supplement that can counteract this, is to identify one that can “reset” your body’s fat-storing tendencies. Based on studies, it appears that this is what raspberry ketone is able to do.

Are there Possible Side Effects?

It’s hard to say as many manufacturers have their own version of this formula. Some add extra fat burning properties such as extra stimulants or caffeine. Some brands that came up that include extra caffeine should be considered carefully as to avoid any possible side effects. Adding caffeine to a weight loss product is not necessary and alternative functioning brands can make this goal happen. Other important factors to consider is if the brand are come from a solid source.

Also due to the nature of this products similarity with synephrine, there is a possibility for it to lead to jitteriness and increased heart rate. While not studies for this yet there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest this may become a factor. It therefore raises the belief that one should ease into this product as more information is still needed for a responsible opinion.

Other brands may just offer Raspberry Ketones as a stand alone and then it becomes important to understand the quality of the manufacturing process. For example some brands do not come from a GMP certified facility, GMP meaning the manufacturing process has been seen as a safe ground for processing. It can be tricky having to research the very best products that feature this ingredient.

Looking at the Top Rated products one can witness a good source of side effect free supplementation.

My Results with Raspberry Ketones?

The first thing you need to do to make sure you are maximizing your weight-loss results with this supplement is to make sure you are buying a superior raspberry ketone product. As noted before there are plenty of brands that will fall short for various reasons. It just makes sense that to get the best results you should be using the best product. A good indicator that the raspberry ketones you picked are a great product are if they are a purely all natural supplement.

Another way to maximize your results is to exercise and diet regularly. This might sound odd, but it is a common fact that most weight loss supplements don’t just work on their own. The “miraculous” part of a supplement only happens when you are dieting and working out along with taking the product. That is why these products are called supplements. For raspberry ketones to be producing their maximum benefits you need to also be eating healthy and exercising, at least occasionally.

A third way to maximize your results is to take the product on a regular basis. The best diet and exercise regimens are only effective if you get into a routine of doing them, and taking raspberry ketones is no different. How is the supplement supposed to work if you aren’t taking it every day? Be sure to make a schedule and keep track of it to ensure you are staying regular with your doses.

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Is It Safe?

Following the banning of raspberry ketone supplements in the UK by the Food Standards Agency, concerns have emerged concerning how safe this compound is. Here’s what you need to know:

There are no known side effects
The fruit extract is considered safe for use

Raspberry ketones were FDA approved in 1965 as food additives, which is an indication that they are safe to use. However, it’s important to note that there are no conclusive studies conducted on humans that support their use as weight loss supplements.

That said; there are no known side effects that have found with raspberry ketone, in terms of using the ingredient for weight loss.

There is no denying the wonderful wonders of raspberry ketones. These compounds are not only said to be effective in weight loss, they also contribute to lower blood sugar levels as well as restrict aging, owing to its anti-aging properties.

Studies Raspberry Ketones

The studies which tested the effectiveness of raspberry ketones (RK) in weight loss were only mostly performed on animals. There’s no actual human study about this product.

Therefore, don’t take these results as perfectly reflecting how it would work on humans. Keep reading our review, and you’ll learn more about the research behind raspberry ketones supplement.

This male mice study tested whether RK actually enhance lipolysis (breakdown of fat) or not. The study showed both adiponectin levels were raised and the metabolism of the subjects was speeded up.

A different study, performed on mice, tested the anti-obese action of RK. Mice were divided into groups. One received a fattening diet; the other received the same diet plus raspberry ketone.

The results showed that both groups of mice gained weight. The group receiving raspberry ketones did gain less than the one which just ate unhealthy food. This proves that you cannot expect a miracle if you eat unhealthily and don’t exercise.

Finally, this study managed to prove that raspberry ketone is successful in reducing fat from the liver and improved the antioxidant functions in the mice which were tested.

Still, we have to take all these results with a grain of salt. Firstly, thy gave the mice extremely high dosages of raspberry ketones supplement. It would be highly risky for a human to consume as high doses. Secondly, we cannot rely on animal-test results.

In order for us to consider anything proven, we need human studies.

Other Research

Another study was conducted in 2013 by The Center for Applied Health Sciences in Ohio, U.S.A. They conducted an 8 week study on the effects and effectiveness of a multi-ingredient (Prograde Metabolism™)supplement for weight loss. This natural weight loss supplement contains raspberry ketone, caffeine, capsaicin,garlic, ginger and Citrus aurantium.

70 subjects were randomly given either supplements or a placebo. For 8 weeks, they’re placed on a calorie restricted diet and received exercise training. They’re regularly checked for changes in body composition, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

45 volunteers managed to complete the study. The supplement group had lost more in fat mass, waist girth, and hip girth compared to the placebo group. There were no side effects from mixing various ingredients with raspberry ketone.

The researchers conclude that with a good diet and exercise program, raspberry diet pills are a safe and valuable option for fat loss.

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Raspberry Ketones have some promising new research to detail how the product works. There has been a rate of decreased fat not just in the stomach but the liver as well in some recorded studies. The product has been declared to be GRAS, which means the FDA ensured the product is “Generally Recognized as Safe”. This ensures the product has to the best of the abilities of the governing body, has not shown any significant warning signs to side effects. However one may still have to check in with one’s doctor to ensure that it does not interfere with any medicine according to online reports. Also the products similarity to another chemical in the body makes it vital for a customer to fully know what to look out for in terms of side effects. Though not guaranteed there is the general belief that there could be some potential side effects. Certain potential effects include a sense of a jump in heart rate or even a sense of jitteriness.

The product is relatively new and it didn’t take off as a weight loss sensation until about 2012. Considering this fact it is then necessary to find the right source of information, that’s why this review site was created in fact.

With the several brands that market this product, a thoughtful customer should consider a company’s history and of course reviews like these. Also it is important to read the labels and ensure the quality of the blend or the extract.

The most favorably rated products now allow access to the very best in weight loss products.

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